In this part, we are going to see what are features provided to the User Role in detail.

Let’s start with the Registration Page

Registration Page

For using the Vueticket Application users need to register and verify their Email id.

Login Page


Create Ticket

For creating a Ticket choose department and priority and enter your query in the Message Editor, attach a document if you want to send it.

After creating a ticket, this ticket will be auto-assign to the Agent according to the department chosen while creating a ticket.

After creating a ticket, it is in an unassigned state till it is assigned to an agent.

All Created Ticket

In this view, the User can see all created tickets by him.

Ticket Detail View

In this view, you can see detailed information about tickets and quick options to reply to a ticket.

In the first panel, you can ticket details along with other information related to the ticket.

In add ticket reply panel agent can reply on the ticket.

Now to the right side of the ticket view, you can see different panels.

Quick information” in this panel you can see ticket tracking id, name of user-created ticket and name of assigned ticket person along with created on.

Attachments” in this panel you can see all attachments of tickets attached by the User.

Ticket History” in this part you can track the entire history of the ticket.

Replying on Ticket

For replying to the ticket User will enter a message in Editor and submit it.

Confirmation is shown before replying to the ticket.

Ticket History

After clicking on the ticket history button, it will show all details of ticket activity.

Edit Ticket

For editing tickets just click on 3 bars on the right side of the ticket and select the option Edit ticket, the ticket will be open in edit mode.

In Edit ticket Mode you would not able to update department and priority but you can update in subject and message and attach new documents and Save ticket.

Edit Ticket Reply

For editing ticket reply just click on 3 bars on the right side and select option Edit ticket reply, ticket reply will be open in edit mode.

Only ticket replies to which you have replied will be available in edit mode.

In Edit ticket reply Mode you would be able to update messages and attach new documents and Save ticket replies.

Multilingual Feature

This feature allows you to view ticket labels in local languages.

Ticket View in the Hindi language

Ticket View in the Marathi language

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