Frapper (THE Open Source Project)

Frapper- Quick Guide for Rapid Application Development in ASP.NET Core

GitHub Link :-

Frapper is completed project template with all features which are commonly used in projects.

It Will help you learn and implement these features in Live Project’s

Feature Overview

  • Alerts
  • Custom User Management
  • Unit Of Work Using Entity Framework
  • Unit Of Work Using Dapper
  • Configure Menus by Roles
  • Custom Grids
  • Captcha
  • Cache Services
  • Dapper
  • Entity Framework Core
  • Create Pdf files
  • Create Notice
  • Capture Photo from WebCam
  • Cropping Images and storing
  • Create Notice
  • Download Files
  • Download Excel Reports
  • Exception Logging
  • Extensions
  • FluentValidation
  • Filters
  • Globalization and Localization
  • health checks
  • Helpers
  • jQuery Datetime pickers & Bootstrap Datetime pickers
  • Jtable Grid
  • Loader
  • Modal popups
  • Notification
  • Ordering Menus
  • Upload Files to store in a folder
  • Upload Files to store in Database

How to configure and run

  • Clone code from Github: git clone
  • Open solution Frapper.Web.sln in Visual Studio 2019
  • There are 2 Database Scripts†FrapperDB†(Main Database),FrapperAuditDB†(Request Audit Database)†Download Database Script
  • appsettings.json†file update†DatabaseConnection (FrapperDB Database)†,†AuditDatabaseConnection (FrapperAuditDB Database)
  • Run Database Script which is provided
  • Make Changes in ConnectionStrings, ApplicationSettings, Exceptional, RedisServer in appsettings.json file
  • Build project which will restore all NuGet Packages
  • Final Step Run Project

Supporting Documentation


Default Administrator Account

  • Username: admin
  • Password: Pass@123

Default User Account

  • Username: demouser
  • Password: Pass@123