In this article, we are going to see what is features provided to the HOD (Head of Department) Role in detail.

Let’s begin with Login Page.


After logging into the Application, you are redirected to the dashboard page where you can see all tickets status in one View.

Hod can see all tickets assigned to agents and agent admin inside his assigned department.

All Ticket’s

A list of tickets will be shown here along with search features.

All Unassigned Tickets

A list of unassigned tickets will be shown here along with search features

Hod has the right to assign unassigned tickets.

After clicking on the assign ticket option, you will see a popup that will show a list of agents and agent admin of that department just choose any one user and click on the save option.

All Closed Tickets

In this view, hod can see all closed tickets by all agents and agent admin in the department.

Restore ticket

If the ticket is deleted in some cases you want to undo it then you have an option to restore it.

Just choosing a single ticket and clicking on Restore Option will ask for confirmation and after confirmation, it will be restored.


A HOD can add a new knowledge base article.

All Created Knowledgebase

All Created Knowledgebase are shown in this view.


Hod has a report feature. He can view the report of his department.

Take an example Hod with report Department “support” can see all Agents details of Department support.

There are different types of reports HOD can view.

  • Agent Wise Ticket Status Report
  • Department Wise Ticket Status Report
  • Ticket Overdue Status Report
  • Ticket Overdue User Wise Report
  • Ticket Escalation Report
  • Ticket Deleted Report
  • Priority Wise Ticket Status Report
  • Agent Detail Report
  • User Wise Check-in Checkout Report

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