25 ASP.NET MVC Interview questions covered in the video is as follows

Question 1 :- What is ASP.NET MVC Core?
Question 2 :- ASP.NET Webforms vs MVC vs MVC core?
Question 3 :- Explain MVC Architecture?
Question 4 :- Why do we have a wwwroot folder?
Question 5 :- Explain the importance of appsettings.json?
Question 6 :- How to read configurations from appsettings.json?
Question 7 :- What is dependency injection?
Question 8 :- Why do we need dependency injection?
Question 9 :- How do we implement dependency injection?
Question 10 :- What is the use of Middleware?
Question 11 :- How to create a Middleware?
Question 12 :- What does startup.cs file do?
Question 13 :- ConfigureServices vs Configure method?
Question 14 :- Explain the different ways of doing DI?
Question 15 :- Explain Scoped vs Transient vs Singleton?
Question 16 :- What is Razor?
Question 17 :- How to pass model data to a view?
Question 18 :- What is the use of Strongly typed views?
Question 19 :- Explain the concept of ViewModel in MVC?
Question 20 :- What is the Kestrel Web Server?
Question 21 :- Why Kestrel when we have IIS server?
Question 22 :- What is the concept of forward proxy?
Question 23 :- What are cookies?
Question 24 :- What is the need for session management?
Question 25 :- What are the various ways of doing Session management in ASP.NET?

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By Saineshwar Bageri

I am Microsoft MVP | C# Corner MVP | Code Project MVP | FULL STACK .NET Developer and working on .Net Web Technology (Asp.net, Asp.net Core,.Net Core, C#, Sqlserver, MVC, Windows, Console Application, javascript, jquery, json, ORM Dapper) and also a freelance developer.