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Quick View at Tester TeamLead User Features of BugPoint Application


The role of the Tester team leader is to monitor his team activities and resolve any doubts which are unable to resolve by his team members.

Feature Overview


Report Bug

The select project then project component will auto fetch Component Description.

Enter Bug Title and then select Assigned to dropdown list where it will show developer and developer lead of that project.

We have various Bug Properties which Tester Lead need to set to give detailed information about bug along with that a detailed bug description and attachment-related to bug can be uploaded.

After submitting a bug, it will show BugID and an email will be sent to the assigned developer or developer lead to whom the bug is assigned.

The project component will be added by the developer lead of that project.

Reported Bug List

Bug list which will show summary and status of bugs along with that we have various filters to filter data main filter is the project you can see various project bugs in one view just by selecting different projects.

One more benefit to Tester Lead is he can view all tester bugs in the selected project by selecting the Reporter’s dropdown list.

View Reported Bug Details

To view reported bug details just click on BugID from My reported bugs grid view and it will show all details information along with replies from the developer.

Bug details view in one view who has reported bug and when can be seen. Quick changes features are available such as priority and assigned to. You can see the attachment on this bug.

Along with that if you want to see details of bug history then just click on the “Show Activities” button.

Bug History

After seeing bug history last but not least feature is replied on the bug.

Bug Reply

Tester team lead needs to just enter Bug Description and select Status from the status dropdown list if he wants to attach some file he can attach and submit a reply.

Recent Activities

This view shows all recent activities done by Tester and themself.

Example: – Reported bug, change in any bug status.


In this view, users can download different types of reports.

My Team

This View will show teams members who are working along with you on a selected project.

My Profile

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