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Quick View at Super Admin Features of BugPoint Application


Bugpoint is an application for Managing and Tracking application Bug.

Feature Overview

Creating User and Assigning Role

All Users

Adding SMTP

Here you can configure your SMTP for application. Each bug raised by the tester is notified to the developer via mail.

All Configured SMTP

Managing Menus

This is preconfigured end-user or administer does not require to change any of this Menus.

  1. Category
  2. Menu

Add Category

All Categories

Add Menu

While adding the menu we are going to select a category after adding Menu this will be added inside the selected category.

All Menus

Category Ordering


All Roles

All are predefined roles you cannot change any of the roles just names can be changed as you want.

Assigning Old Bugs to New User

In this view, we can transfer bugs from one user to another user.

Example:- Take a scenario in which one developer is going to leave an organization that time his bugs will be assigned to a new developer who has joined for the same role.

View Error Logs

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