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Introduction to VueTicket a Ticketing Application


VueTicket a Ticketing Application

It’s a Ticketing software for small companies which are into customer support. The old version of the ticketing application was in ASP.NET MVC which is now Upgraded to ASP.NET Core with New UI and improved process.

Project Description and working

Support Application is for companies that are into customer support. Let’s take one example of a small company that sells a product; now a customer buys some product from an online store then after using it for some months, it stops functioning then the customer goes online to find customer support details to communicate.

After calling customer support they will ask you your order id when was this product purchased and entire history suddenly your call gets disconnected, wow now again you will call and tell the same details then they will log issues in their internal Application.

After the Complaint log, they will provide you complain number which you still need to remember again after a few days you want to know the status of the Application then you will call customer support to track the status of a product here you won’t remember when you have called last time. Now using this Support ticket application how you can over this scenario.

Now when a customer purchases a product, you can share this application details with it or search on the website of your company, you should share the application URL or link of it.

Now the first time when a customer visits a Support ticket application, He or she needs to register himself with a valid mobile no and Email in and some necessary details such that the agent can know who are they talking with.

The next step after Registration is, Users, will get an email for verification on the email address which they have used for Registration. Now to verify just click on confirm email link in the email then it will redirect to the portal and show you the verification message after doing verification then the only customer will be allowed to log into the Application.

Now login into the Application using the username and password which you have applied for Registration. After login into the application user can create a ticket. After creating a ticket, this ticket will be assigned to agents according to the Category and priority you have chosen. As this ticket is assigned to an agent, there are SLA Policies that the agent needs to follow ticket should be replied to in certain hours or days as SLA Policies are configured. If the agent does not respond to the ticket, then a notification to the agent is shown before the ticket is going to escalate.

Still, if an agent does not respond then it is escalated to a higher authority which is agent admin (team lead) now agent admin (team lead) has the next few days or hours as per SLA Policies are configured.

Now if the agent admin (team lead) does not reply to the ticket it is finally escalated to configured HOD (Head of the department) he is the final person to respond in Hierarchy.

There are Five roles in this Application

User Workflow

Agent Workflow

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