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Quick Guide to VueTicket Super Admin User End


In this article, we are going to see what are access provided to Superadmin Role in detail.

Below are the 4 main menus which we are going to cover.

Let’s begin with Login Page.


After logging into the Application, you can see the first Menu as Masters this Menu contains all menu management parts such as adding menu category, Menu, Submenu and ordering them according to your need. All roles are fixed to this Application; they cannot be changed.
Users Menu

All menus in Users tabs are used for managing Users of Application.

Creating User

Adding New Users

All User

All Created Users are shown in this view.

Creating Agent

Create New Agent. All ticket is assigned to Agents for Solution.

All Agent

All created agents are shown in this view.

Manage Menu

In the manage menu, you can add departments, configure SMTP for application and general settings.

Adding New Department

This department is assigned to an agent, agent admin, hod. When the user creates a new ticket he chooses the department name and the ticket will be routed to that department agent.

All Department

All departments are shown in this view.

SMTP Configuration

In SMTP configuration you can configure your SMTP which will be used for sending emails.

All SMTP Configuration

All SMTP configured will be shown in this view.

Create Notice

All Notice

Notice Displayed

General Settings

Settings that are used in application internal.

Business Settings

In Business settings, you would be able to configure SLA Policies, Business Hour, Default ticket count, Holidays, and Configure Application Jobs.

Assigning Department

In Assigning department, we need to choose a department and business hours along with Agent Admin User and HOD User. The ticket will only be shown on the bases of the Department.

All Assigned Department

All assigned departments are shown in this view.

Configure SLA Reminder

Configure SLA where you need to choose the business hour which you have configured.

Here you need to set 3 parameters

  1. First response Reminder time
  2. Next response Reminder time
  3. Resolution response Reminder time

Set Hour and Mins for the reminder it will alert before SLA Expiration.

All Configured SLA Reminder

All configured SLA reminders are shown in this view.

Configure Application Jobs

Here you have an option on and off SQL jobs that are used for allocation and notification.


Add your Yearly holidays here. This will be used by Jobs.

Business Hours

We have the option to set business hour

  1. 24 hrs x 7 days
  2. Custom Working Days /Hours

If you choose working days and hours then you have the option to set start time and end time day wise.

All Business Hours

All Business Hours are shown in this view.

Configure SLA

Here we configure SLA where we choose priority and business hour.

We have to set 3 parameters

  1. First response time

This means if the First user does not get a reply in a given timeframe, then he will get an alert first response is overdue.

In the same way, if the user has not replied to the ticket in the given timeframe, then he will get the Next response overdue alert.

 If the ticket is not resolved in the given timeframe, then users will get Resolution overdue response alert.

All Configure SLA

All Configure SLA is shown in this view.

Default Ticket Count Configuration

In this view you can configure maximum and minimum tickets along with it you have the option to set a time for the closing ticket.

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